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5 Mistakes Weekend Travelers Make

Filmed in Lisbon, Portugal

Heading away from home for a quick weekend getaway? Here are some common mistakes that travelers make when they are heading off for a nice “easy” weekend getaway.

1. Not Doing Research – you should know as much as you can about the town or city you are visiting before you go. Then you will know what to see, where to stay, where not to go and where to go.

2. Packing Too Much – It is two nights, you do not need the kitchen sink. Pack smart, pack light, try to fit it all in a carryon bag or backpack so you can start sightseeing straight from the airport instead of having to visit the hotel before you can start enjoying the city.

3. Sleeping In – Yes, it is your weekend away, but do not spend it sleeping, you can do that at home! Get up and see the city in the morning. If you sleep in you will lose valuable tourist sightseeing time and most museums are closed by 5pm so you are the only one missing out.

4. They Don’t Ask for Help – Ask the hotel staff, your friend who visited before, the guy down the street whose cousin lives there. Ask for advice when you travel so you do not waste time and you can find out the best things to do in a town or city.

5. They Don’t Prioritize – Know what you want to see and what you should see. Make sure you prioritize your time and sights so that you do see the most important things. It is only a weekend so you cannot see it all, but you can sure try.


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