What Does BREXIT Mean for US Tourists Traveling to Europe Direct from Ouro Preto, Brazil we discuss the short term and long term ramifications of the BREXIT for US tourists. 1. Weaker pound so cheaper vacations in the UK. 2. Eventually perhaps longer passport line but that’s not definite. 3. […]

What Does BREXIT Mean for US Tourists

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10 Things That Shock Tourists About Visiting Paris, France filmed in Paris, France Travel to Paris – 10 Things That Will SHOCK Tourists and Travelers about Visiting Paris, France. If you are heading on vacation to Paris or France in General or you just want to know about the city […]

10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Visiting Paris, France

Travel Q&A from Italy About Italy Who is your favorite Italian Calcio Team? Vicenza! What is your favorite Italian food? Bigoli con arne What is Jocelyn’s favorite sight in Italy? The Vila Rotunda filmed in Vicenza, Italy Copyright Mark Wolters 2016   Thank You To All The Amazing Italians That […]

Our Favorites of Italy, People, Vicenza & Spritz

Wife Hiding Notes to Me from the Boys in Barcelona   It’s Sunny in London   Flying with Iberia May Mean You Will Fly with Vueling in Spain – from Barcelona Get Up & Get Going Early to Avoid the Crowds in Rome   Grazie & Thank You to All […]

Vlogging Around Europe This Summer

Is Rio de Janeiro Safe? Heading to Rio and Wondering If It Is Safe? Well it is not the safest place in the world, but it is not as bad as the the news makes it sound. Here are some tips for staying safe while visiting and traveling to Rio […]

Is Rio Safe to Visit? Safety Advice for Rio de ...

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5 Tips for Visiting France 5 Travel Tips to Make Your Trip to France Better. Traveling to France & Not Sure What You Should Know? Here We Have 5 Tips on Traveling to France, Advice for Tourists and Vacationers to France. 1. Learn a Little French before you go – […]

5 Tips for Visiting France for the First Time

Travel Ailments
Sick Traveling… 7 Common Ailments Sick Traveling – 7 Common Ailments of Travelers & How to Avoid Them & How to Treat Them. Here is our list of seven sicknesses and illnesses that befall travelers. It is not a scientific list, but a list from our own experiences (we left […]

The Most Common Ailments & Sicknesses of Travelers

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Blooper Real from a Failed Video in Paris We have had some requests to see what its like when we are filming. Well here is us trying to film in Paris. Hope this helps you see a bit better what happens behind the scenes or in front of the camera […]

Mark & Jocelyn Bloopers from Paris