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Learn Spanish – Video Series Covering Spanish Vocabulary, Grammer & Spanish Culture filmed in Spain.

Learn Portuguese – Video Series Covering Portuguese Vocabulary, Grammer & Culture filmed in Portugal.

Learn Italian – Video Series Covering Italian Vocabulary, Grammer & Culture filmed in Italy.

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Learn Chinese – Short video lessons on the most important words & phrases for tourists.

Learn Czech & Slovak – Basic Phrases for Tourists Visiting Prague, Bratislava or any of the great towns in the region.

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6 Tips on How To Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a language is never easy, but there are a few tips that can make learning a bit easier and a lot more successful.

1. Read out loud. This will help you get your tongue around harder words and get you practicing the language in two ways, the reading and the pronunciation.

2. Just speak! Do not worry about others, if you speak with confidence people will listen regardless of your mistakes. And the more you speak the better you will be at the language.

3. Live with locals. If you are living abroad try to live with a local family or make friends with locals as they can help you learn quicker.

4. Do not get frustrated. A lot of people get upset when people tell them their Spanish/Portuguese/German is not perfect. Do not get upset. These people will never be happy with your accent so do not let them bring you down.

5. Realize you will never be a native speaker. Unless you started learning when you were a child you will probably always have an accent, and your life of a double agent will be very short. So, realize that you cannot pronounce every double R or funny looking letter. It is ok. Just try your best.

6. HAVE FUN!!! Speaking a foreign language is fun and just amazing. So enjoy it.

This was filmed at the Heidelburg Castle in Germany.

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