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Professional Development and Jogo de Empresa Course page

This page is for anyone (especially my students of Jogo de Empresa/Business Strategy Game) that wants to improve their chance in the “real” business world. This course and its corresponding videos and presentations are set up in order to help you prepare for what is out there.

This is not about the books you read in school, but about how it will be when you step out there in the working world when Mommy and Daddy cannot hold your hand anymore. We focus on everything from dealing with your boss and coworkers, to how to dress professionally, to how to make a budget (for when you finally move out of your parents’ house when you are 35. The video playlist is on our site under Jogo de Empresa.


The classes for the Fall Semester 2010 are, Wednesdays at 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 and 14:00.


Office Hours are in room 131 at 12:30 on Thursday.



So that means that all the slides are there… So download them!

The website for the game is…  that is the site to play the game.

A little intro to the course is as follows…

1. you miss three (3) classes, or your company fails. You fail the course.

And now the introduction video.

The Presentations Criteria: 10 minutes. All members must be there, but not all must speak.

Cover the name of your company and where it came from. Your strategy up until this point in the game. Your results, cumulative stockholder return and other figures that the game gives you. Why you have done so well/bad. How you see your company going forward, new stategies et al. What you liked and disliked about the game/class.


The Lecture topics are as follows Week 1: introduction to course and getting to know everyone

Week 2: Groups assigned and Game Explained

Week 3: What is Leadership and How to develop a good relationship with your boss Myths of Leadership

Myths of Leadership

How to Gain your Boss’ Trust


Week 4: How to work with your co-workers and How to be a Good Boss How to lead your co-workers

How to Influence your Co-workers


How to be a good boss

Week 5: Job Search: C.V. and Cover Letters, Interview Preperation

Interview Preparation

How to write your resume or CV

How to Write your Cover Letter

Week 6:

How to do a Professional Presentation

Week 7: Student Presentations

Week 8:

How to Dress Professionally

Week 9:

How to Deal with Stress

Week 10: 20 things I wish I knew before I finished University

Week 11: Final Presentations and Grades

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