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Wolters World is a travel and culture website that focuses on helping travelers and tourists get the most out of their travels abroad. Mark sets out to give honest to goodness travel advice, not glossing over the bad parts and making sure you know what you should see and enjoy. He loves traveling with his family and sharing their adventures with you. If you are tired of guidebooks telling you every town is a hidden Prague and want an honest objective view on travel, then you have found the right spot.

Thank you for joining us on our travels and we wish you a fantastic trip!!!

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  • David Epstein

    You have some nice videos. I teach strategy and find your videos help illustrate the strategy concepts well, especially complex issues such as mergers and acquisitions.
    Thank you

  • Sahar Raie

    Hi :O)

    my name ist Sahar. I´m Persian, live in Germany and love US English.
    I would love to learn English perfectly.
    I would really like to have a conversiation with u guys but I cant find an adress or phone number to contact u.
    So, I try it on this way and hope that u´ll reply me soon.
    It would be really cool to get a Mail from u.

    Thank u for your time. Have a nice day.
    Bye, Sahar

  • David Anson

    Hi Mark,

    Just to say thanks for investing your time and talent in helping people. I only stumbled across your site today (via youtube) in preperation for my strategic management exam this coming Monday.

    Your tutorials have been a great help in hearing theory perspectives from another person (I am a distance learning student).

    Deus te abencoe


  • admin Post author

    I am glad I can help. I appreciate your lovely comments. I have started making some new business videos. Spent the last year just doing the language/travel stuff. But new business videos are on their way! Thanks!

  • Mark Stevens

    Hi Mark,
    Awesome how you packed Ansoff’s Matrix into one minute of video. I will be teaching the same matrix tomorrow in my International Management (University of Munich) class for 2 1/2 hours (obviously getting into the complexities and detailed examples). Maybe we can chat about that.
    Just as interesting for me is that you filmed the videos in my stomping grounds: Innsbruck, Nürnberg, etc. Do you live around here or were you just passing through? Drop me your mail address or send me your number so we can touch base and maybe find synergies.
    Best regards,
    Mark J. Stevens
    Marketing Communications Consultant/Trainer
    Baderstr. 10b
    82211 Herrsching
    Tel.: +49 (0)8152 395-6949
    Handy: +49 (0)172 3893586
    Email: markjstevens08@googlemail.com

  • Liliana Gaspar

    Hi I’m someone who posted something as a reply to one of your videos on youtube. I said I’d send you an email, hoping that I’d find your contact here, but it doesn’t show. So if you can see my email like this and if you’d like to share some ideas that would be really nice.
    I’m a portuguese teacher and am starting a new project in E-learning.
    You also teach a second language so maybe we could learn something from each other.

  • admin Post author

    here i am and yes I would be interested in chatting with you about some possiblities.

  • Steve Waters, Ph.D.

    Great site. Step grading is always the best & when I tell a student “well done” it’s usually listed at the top of their resume or distance learning TV courses the student bribes the I.T. dept for a DVD of the class to prove it.
    Take care pal, hope EVERYTHING goes well, you’ve got a lot on your plate, good luck. Steve

  • Veronica

    Mark,Thank you for sharing your travel experiences. My husband and I have followed all your tips and advices when we traveled to Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence, etc) last May. We had an amazing time there!

    Thanks again for sharing with everybody all your experiences. Next time my husband and I go to Europe, we will bring our baby, so we definitely will visit your website to get advices for travelers with babies and kids.

  • admin Post author

    Glad the advice helped. you can email me via my youtube account just look up woltersworld on there and just shoot me a message. I do not read the comments here as often as I get one normal comment like yours and 350 spams. But youtube does a better job filtering. But i am so glad you guys had a great time. and if you want some other tips just write me and i will do what i can. and definately take the baby. we love taking our babies around europe! all the best!