Our Favorites of Italy, People, Vicenza & Spritz

Travel Q&A from Italy About Italy

Who is your favorite Italian Calcio Team? Vicenza!
What is your favorite Italian food? Bigoli con arne
What is Jocelyn’s favorite sight in Italy? The Vila Rotunda
filmed in Vicenza, Italy
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Thank You To All The Amazing Italians That Showed Us Such Kindness


How to Cheers in Italian from Valdagno, Italy


Heading to Italy and not sure what to drink or how to say cheers? Well there are many aperativos you should try, as well as mixed cocktails. Spritz con Aperol is popular in Veneto, Bianco Rosso in Valdagno, Negroni in Milan and so much more. Cheers in Italian is Saluti or cincin (chin chin).
Filmed in Valdagno, Italy at Liquoreria Carlotto
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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