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Top 10 Cities in Spain for Travelers

filmed in Sevilla, Spain

Barcelona – Amazing. Gaudi’s mosaic and psychedelic designs are everywhere. Parc Guell is great for a picnic and great views of the city, and Sagrada Familia will be the most interesting cathedral you see in all of Europe! Then hit up the Gothic neighborhood for delicious tapas and Las Ramblas for some souvenirs before you head home for your siesta before enjoying the great nightlife of Barcelona! Parc Guell 101:

Madrid – Hello, it’s the capital of Spain! 3 world-class museums, but you can’t miss the world renowned Prado Art Museum. Perfect location to fly into other cities of Spain! Check the exhibits at the Prado when you’re in town:

Toledo – Church capital of Spain. Go see the Alcazar, military museum, and gothic cathedral. Lots of great little shops for souvenirs and finding your next best trinket. Tip: The city is hilly and windy, so it’s not recommended if you have bad knees!

Sevilla – Home of flamenco and bull fighting (warning: bull fighting is graphic but a great cultural experience). Go see Columbus’ tomb in the Cathedral then the white houses in the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Practice your Flamenco:

Cordoba – The famous Mezquita is a mosque with beautiful red arches with a Cathedral built into it. Worthwhile just to go and see the mezquita. If you have time, go see the Old Town and Roman bridge, too! Browse pictures of the Mezquita:

Granada – If anything, go see the Alhambra. Buy your tickets online in advance, and you’ll spend hours strolling through the patios and gardens admiring the beautiful architecture. Buy Alhambra Tickets Here:

Valencia – Relax at the gorgeous beaches. After a nice nap at the beach, visit the 2nd most visited tourist site in the country – the Planetarium and Science Museum. Beaches of Valencia:

San Sebastian – Basque country, where the people and the language are different than anywhere else in Spain. Here you’ll enjoy the beach on the bay, the aquarium, and the overall feel of the town. 48 Hours in San Sebastian:

Santiago – Go. See. The. Cathedral. An amazing experience, religious or not. You’ll see traditional religious practices like people with donkeys!

History of the Cathedral:

Salamanca – Great university town like Granada. City sculpted in sandstone.  At the cathedral, find the dragon with the icecream cone and the astronaut. Student? Go find the frog on top of the skull for good luck before your exams! Then make some time for the Plaza Mayor square.

Help for Finding that Frog:


  • Madrid is a great central location in Spain to visit the other cities!
  • Utilize EasyJet and RyanAir airline – Cheap airfare!
  • Take pictures, but respect that sometimes you can’t take pictures inside the cathedrals.
  • Enjoy everything Spain has to offer!

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