Big Man Surfing
In Order to Make Sure All Students Can Learn the Most Important Parts of Pricing & Supply Chain, I have put together a set of videos focusing on some of the most important factors dealing with Pricing and Supply Chain. We are having a video series on Pricing & Supply […]

Let’s Try a Flipped Classroom

Womens Shoes in Europe
What Shoes to Take to Europe Filmed in Paris, France Rule #1. There Is No Secret Shoe for Traveling. Prepare Yourself & Your Feet for the Walking by Walking Before You Come Rule #2. Don’t Bring American Running Shoes. You Need More Support & US Running Shoes Make You Stand […]

What Shoes to Take to Europe – 5 Rules for ...

12 days of christmas woltersworld
10 Shocks of Wolters World Travel Videos Thank You to Our 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube! To Say Thank You We Put Together This Fun Video To Give You 10 SHOCKING Facts About Traveling with Wolters World!!! Filmed in Norway, Costa Rica & France

10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Wolters World Travel ...

is paris safe to visit
The 5 most Common Paris Travel Questions Is it Safe to Visit Paris? Do I Have to Speak French? Are The People Jerks Like on TV? How Do I Get to the Airport? Which Train Station Do I Use in Paris? Filmed in Paris, France

Is It Safe to Visit Paris & Other Paris Travel ...

Las Vegas Love Hate
5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada From Porn Pushers to Great Food & Fun… The Best & Worst of Vegas! filmed in Las Vegas

The Best & Worst of Visiting Las Vegas